Ritesh Hassamal

Ritesh Hassamal

Head of It & Business Development

Ritesh, a skilled professional, completed his studies in Computer Systems Engineering at Warwick University in the UK in 2002. With his expertise in technology and a passion for marketing, he became an integral part of our business as from 2010.

As our Head of IT & Marketing, Ritesh serves as the driving force behind our social media presence, marketing initiatives, and brand awareness campaigns. With a keen eye for market trends and an innovative mindset, he ensures that Jetha Tulsidas remains at the forefront of industry advancements. Ritesh continuously explores new strategies and innovative approaches to keep our brand relevant and engaging to our target audience.
In addition to his role in IT and marketing, Ritesh plays a vital part in the management of the sales operations at our Rose Hill store. Working in collaboration with the team, he contributes to the smooth and seamless functioning of the store, ensuring that customers have a positive and satisfying shopping experience.

Ritesh's multidisciplinary expertise in both IT and marketing allows him to create synergies between the two departments, leveraging technology to enhance our marketing efforts and optimize customer engagement. By combining his technical acumen with strategic marketing insights, he develops innovative solutions to drive growth and maximize our brand's impact.

With his forward-thinking mindset, analytical skills, and dedication to excellence, Ritesh is an invaluable asset to our team. He continually explores new avenues for growth and keeps us ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape. His contributions in IT, marketing, and sales management contribute to our overall success and reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.