Sanjay Khiani

Sanjay Khiani

Operations Manager

Sanjay's journey with the Holding company began in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a vibrant approach to business. His educational foundation was laid at the prestigious Stonyhurst College in the UK, where he completed his secondary education. Building upon this strong academic background, he went on to achieve second-class honors in Business Administration from the University of Kent.

Early on in his career, Sanjay discovered a passion for recruitment and swiftly made his mark in the industry. With an entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination, he established his own recruitment company at the age of 25. For over a decade, he led his company to success, fostering meaningful connections between talented individuals and reputable organizations.

In 2021, Sanjay embarked on a new chapter with Jetha Tulsidas Holding, taking on the pivotal role of overseeing the property portfolio. This encompasses all rental properties as well as new development projects across the island. With a keen eye for opportunity, he not only generates revenue through strategic property management but also ensures the seamless operation of our buildings through his meticulous attention to HR and maintenance.

Sanjay's vibrant personality and natural camaraderie add a new dimension to the business areas he oversees. His ability to connect with people and create harmonious working environments contribute to the overall success of our property division, fostering positive relationships with tenants and colleagues alike.

Beyond his responsibilities within the company, Sanjay also serves as a valued board member in his local Mauritius Round Table group. In this capacity, he takes on the crucial responsibility of overseeing the club's finances, demonstrating his astute financial acumen and dedication to community engagement.

Sanjay's journey is defined by his passion for fostering connections, his business acumen, and his commitment to making a positive impact in both professional and community settings. With his valuable expertise and dynamic approach, he is an invaluable asset to the Jetha Tulsidas Holding team.