Jayess & Co Ltd
In view of diversifying the activities of Jetha Tulsidas Group, we incorporated a Freeport Company - Jayess & Co Ltd on 16.08.93 for import and export.
The company was not active until July 1999, when we started doing market surveys and sourcing of goods. The first market we visited was Madagascar and nothing much happened until we made a couple of trips.
For the first year of operations we only realized a turnover of  USD 190,000 and over the years we have been developing business relationships with other countries like Comoros Island, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo and South Africa . At some point we realized a turnover exceeding ten million USD .
We have been travelling extensively for both sourcing of goods and looking for potential clients.  Our suppliers are from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand ,India, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE and Mauritius.
We also participated in Buyers/Sellers meeting organized by the Economic Development Board and the East Africa International Trade Exhibition.
Among the international sourcing fairs we have attended over the years are – Canton Fair in China, Paper and Stationery Exhibition in Shanghai China, Paperex India, Gulf Food in Dubai, Anuga Fair in Cologne Germany, Electronics Fair in Hong Kong etc.
The items which we have been exporting since we are stared operations are – Pasta , Flour, Oil, Sardine, Coffee, Monosodium Glutamate , Beauty Soap, Cosmetics including Shampoo , OTC pharmaceutical products ,  Motor Cycles, Bicycles, paper and paper products, Stationery Items, Fabrics, Injection Molding Machines , HDPE and LDPE granules for plastic industries, a wide range of daily use items, sewing machines , power generators , solar panels and accessories including batteries, raw materials for tire retreading, truck tires , household and garden furniture etc.
With changes in the Freeport Regime as from July 2022, we are no longer authorized to do paper trading activities. We have incorporated Jayess Global Trading & Co Ltd so that we can keep on doing our businesses with our established clients .

Freeport Management Team