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Years of Operations

Jayess Global, established in 1999, emerged with a visionary mission: to facilitate seamless trade of goods within the diverse tapestry of nations in the African Region. With over two decades of experience, it has solidified its position as a trusted intermediary, adept at mediating transactions between buyers and sellers across a wide spectrum of commodities.

In its pivotal role as a third-party facilitator, Jayess Global navigates the complexities of international trade, ensuring a smooth exchange of goods and services. Its expertise spans a myriad of industries, ranging from agriculture to technology, and from manufacturing to consumer goods.

The company’s success is rooted in its meticulous attention to detail and its deep understanding of the unique dynamics within the African market. Through strategic partnerships and an extensive network, Jayess Global has cultivated strong relationships with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alike. This network not only spans the African continent but extends globally, providing a far-reaching reach and ensuring access to a diverse range of products.


Souriakoomaren Moorghen
Souriakoomaren Moorghen
General Manager

Souriakoomaren Moorghen embarked on his remarkable journey with us in April 1977 and has been a pillar of our organisation since then. He started his career as an outdoor salesman for Société Ajit & J Tulsidas. In September 1978, he joined the accounting department of British American Tobacco while keeping a part-time job with our company to keep track of our accounting records. 
In 1987, he joined Belle Vue Mauricia Sugar Estate (actually known as TERRA) as a computer programmer and was tasked with the responsibility of installing an IBM AS400 computer together with his colleagues. Along with his accounting and computer programming skills, he is involved in payroll management for a workforce of over 1,000 employees and has even taken a keen interest in labour laws in recent years. 
Recognising his exceptional talent and dedication, we welcomed Souriakoomaren into our company during a pivotal phase of our retail expansion. Having been a part-time employee with the organisation from September 1978 to June 1989, he officially took up the position of Retail Manager in one of our outlets in July 1989, at which time he introduced the use of the computer in our business. He also supervised the installation and management of our first payroll system, which the company has used for several years. 
We entrusted him with the crucial responsibility of overseeing the back-office operations, where his meticulous attention to detail and organisational prowess proved invaluable. 
Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a commitment to continuous improvement, Souriakoomaren’s journey with us took an exciting turn in July 1999 when he collaborated closely with our Chairman to establish  Jayess & Co Ltd, a pioneering company facilitating freeport operations across multiple countries. Leveraging his extensive experience and astute business acumen, he played a crucial role in orchestrating trade arrangements for a wide range of products to and from Mauritius. 
We are immensely proud to have Souriakoomaren as our esteemed General Manager, whose unwavering commitment, deep industry knowledge and remarkable achievements have been essential in shaping our organisation’s success. With the amendments of the Freeport Act as from July 2021, we had to incorporate another company under the name Jayess Global Trading & Co Ltd so that he can maintain his commitment to the global trade business. 
His remarkable journey exemplifies the spirit of lifelong learning and resolute dedication that set us apart in the dynamic world of freeport operations.