Jivesh Tulsidas

Jivesh Tulsidas

Managing Director

Jivesh, a dynamic addition to our team, embarked on his journey with our business in 2014. After completing his Accounting studies at the University of Victoria in Australia in 2011, he returned to Mauritius and gained valuable experience in the private sector, honing his skills as an accountant.

Since joining our organization, Jivesh has assumed the critical role of overseeing operations for our Rose Hill store, which holds the distinction of being our first establishment on the island. This position encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, including the efficient ordering of goods, overseeing the distribution of products sourced from Asia, and managing the operations of a dedicated team of over 50 staff members.

In addition to his operational role, Jivesh actively participates in the Round Table of Mauritius, where he plays a significant part in fostering fellowship among a group of nearly 70 like-minded individuals on the island. Through his involvement, he contributes to the development of a vibrant community and supports initiatives that make a positive impact in various areas of society.

With his multifaceted contributions to our business and community, Jivesh exemplifies the values and vision that underpin our company's success.