Situated in the residential area of Henrietta, merely a 10-minute drive from Curepipe and with an upcoming road project connecting it to the west, we proudly present a captivating new development opportunity.

Henrietta, despite experiencing minimal recent development, is a thriving community set to undergo significant enhancements in infrastructure and other related endeavors in the years to come.

Strategically positioned adjacent to prominent places of worship, schools, and along the main road, our land presents an ideal location for a mixed-use development. We plan to sell 1 acre of commercial land, with the remaining portion allocated for residential use, allowing individuals to construct their own houses or small apartments. Spanning over 6 acres, the residential section envelops the commercial area while also offering breathtaking views of a scenic river.

The process is already underway to secure a developer for the commercial land, and upon its completion, we will initiate the process of selling the subdivided residential plots.

This truly remarkable parcel of land offers unparalleled connectivity to the west and Curepipe, while serving as a catalyst for local residents to embrace a marvelous new development, complete with exceptional commercial amenities and a range of housing options for this densely populated area.