We've recently launched a significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to address environmental challenges in our community. Partnering with the Central Electrical Board Mauritius, we've implemented a pioneering photovoltaic project as part of the Mauritius Solar Development and Green Initiative (MSDG).

The primary goal of the MSDG scheme is to promote renewable energy sources and curb carbon emissions by fostering the widespread adoption of solar power. Through our CSR efforts, we've actively contributed to planning and executing this initiative, aligning our commitment to corporate sustainability with the government's vision for a greener Mauritius.

This initiative brings several advantages, including energy independence, environmental sustainability, cost savings, job creation, economic growth, and the diversification of the energy mix, all contributing to sustainable development.


We believe in making a positive impact on the world around us. In line with our values of compassion and community service, we recognize the importance of blood donation as a powerful way to save lives and support those in need. 

We have the privilege of serving and being an integral part of our local community. Blood donation provides us with an opportunity to extend our support beyond our daily business operations. By donating blood, we directly contribute to the health and well-being of our community members, ensuring that they receive the life-saving transfusions they require during critical times.

Blood donation goes beyond the act itself; it also involves spreading awareness and educating others about its importance. At Jetha Tulsidas and Sons, we strive to be advocates for blood donation. Through our website, social media platforms, and internal communications, we share information about the benefits of blood donation, eligibility requirements, and the donation process. By empowering our employees and stakeholders with knowledge, we inspire them to become advocates and ambassadors of this life-saving cause.

We have a unique opportunity to make a difference through blood donation. By supporting our community, engaging our employees, partnering with local blood banks, and spreading awareness, we can collectively save lives and create a healthier, more compassionate society. Let us join hands, donate blood, and be the catalysts for positive change. Together, we can leave a lasting legacy of love, care, and generosity.

The challenging situation triggered by the pandemic has certainly not been easy to manage but the Group has never been one to use difficulties as an excuse to cut down on its socially-responsible duties. We have donated a significant number of digital thermometers (an essential prevention tool currently) to no less than a total of 99 NGOs, social responsibility institutions such as Lions Club and to special-aid schools, among others.

The Jetha Tulsidas team has always gone to the frontline to help others. We have all been taught by our elders to give back to society be it by way of donations of food and clothing supplies to the less fortunate, to NGOs doing proven good work, among others. It is an integral part of our family and corporate culture. Management strives to instil same in Jetha Tulsidas employees and we are proud to note that our teams always show themselves to be very responsive.

On 19th and 20th September 2020, Jetha Tulsidas and team members took an active part, as co-sponsor, in a charity event organised under the aegis of Global Rainbow Foundation, with the collaboration of Flacq Retail Park - where we have our store serving the East of Mauritius. The purpose of this two-day event was to promote the welfare of disabled persons - both children and adults, in offering them a memorable, enjoyable, fun and fulfilling time. Taking a part in good times, in a manner that befits and is respectful of their capabilities and human dignity; to experience that they are an integral part of the community; to feel good about themselves, is essential for persons with disabilities to keep a positive mindset and outlook on life and to drive their motivation to overcome their specific constraints and aim further self-development. Such inclusive events are an essential feel-good factor in their life; and the efforts our team members put in to contribute to make it a success were well worth it. There was a full-blown animation programme with adapted activities such as art therapy, distribution of gifts and photoshoot, blood donation, music entertainment and songs by well-known performers such as Denise Azor and Jane Constance - all under the efficient coordination of the talented MC, Mr Visham Ramdoo.

To any person who is not physically or mentally challenged, such occasions are humbling indeed and charged with emotions – such was our experience. We were reminded how privileged we are; how we often complain for insignificant reasons and forget to count our blessings. In seeing how these less privileged citizens cope, without complaint, with various degrees of incapacities and still remain so warm-hearted; how they retain, in spite of their personal hardships, their joy of living… We are taught a lesson worth remembering daily!