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Nykaa Launching Jul 01 2022

Nykaa Launching

We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated launch of the fourth Nykaa Cosmetics shop-in-shop at Jetha Tulsidas and Sons, an iconic collaboration that combines our expertise with the visionary beauty of Nykaa.

Our flagship store opened in Rose Belle, Plaissance mall during Autum 2022.

Nykaa represents more than just cosmetics; it embodies the transformative power of makeup as an art form. Our expansive range showcases the latest trends, innovative formulas, and exquisite packaging that redefines beauty standards. From bold and adventurous looks to timeless and elegant styles, we offer a comprehensive selection to suit every individual's unique preference.

Nykaa products are crafted with precision and care. The range varies from vibrant eyeshadows that ignite your creativity to flawless foundations that enhance your natural radiance, each item has been thoughtfully developed to deliver exceptional results. We believe that everyone deserves access to premium beauty products that make them feel their absolute best